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Promoting Your Site Page 3

by Ian McDonald

This tutorial is the third page of 3 on looking at ways of increasing traffic to your website and making sure you and your site is ready, and search engine ready.

This is the view of one person who has had some success with site promotion and may not be the view shared by others. For the purpose of these tutorials we will use a network site of Big Resources Inc. called A1 JavaScripts, of course this is an easy site to use as it exhibits and allows you to download stuff (javascripts) for free, and "free stuff sites" are always going to be very popular compared to a private site that sells pocket knives for example, however the basic principals apply for both and infact all sites.

So if you have read Part One, and Part 2, lets get it right, check it and submit our site.

We have covered meta tags and their use, most search engines use some variation or part of these when spidering, however we will briefly touch on the ones that don't. Remember in Part 2 we mentioned covering all of the bases, and this is basically what we have done, as these other search spiders will read the content of your page and use the first few lines it finds as your description, therefore we should make sure that our first 15 to 20 words should be a description or brief overview of what the site is about. This is an example of what that entry will look like.

A1 JavaScripts - The home to enhance your website - free javascr...
     From: http://www.a1javascripts.com/
     <script language="Javascript">        Welcome to APRIL'S A1JAVSCRIPTS. If you're like April then you want your site to have both brains and beauty.  Her cut and paste...
     Visit the page

(pretty bad huh:-))

So now lets look at what we have. Lets look at those important words again.
Relevancy and Content.

a). Your Title. The information your title contains is relevant to: 
1). The Description
2). The Keywords
3). The Content
b). Your Description. The information contained in your description is relevant to: 
1). The Title
2). The Keywords
3). The Content
c). Your Keywords. The information contained in your keywords is relevant to: 
1). The Title
2). The Description
3). The Content
d). Your Content. The information contained in your content is relevant to: 
1). The Title
2). The Description
3). The Keywords

Ok, now you see what you have just done, you have tied all of your main page that will be looked at by search engine spiders together and have made it a pretty strong page.
Most search engines will rank you page based on the content and the relevancy of your keywords, and description. (Yes, there are those words again.)
If you do this right, this will get you a place in the first few pages of most search engines, and quite possibly within the first 10.

A few other search engines will rank you by the amount of traffic you receive or by how many other sites are linking to your site, in the case of these if you are a new site, you can't do much about it but wait until you have built up your partners and linking sites etc. Then hopefully you will climb the ladder the next time you submit your site.

So, we are ready to submit our site....we think.
Lets run a few checks, there are some good online tools you can use to check your site, unfortunately they are not up to date, but they can still provide some useful information.
The first is Scrubby.

Go to the bottom of this page and enter your url, it will analyze it and present you with the results. This recommends lower characters that what we are using, but it gives you a good result of how many characters you are using and if our keywords have been repeated more than 3 times. (discussed on page 2)
The next check tool we can use is Meta Medic. (Highly Recommended)
        Go to the bottom of the page and enter your url.
        This excellent analyzer will tell you the total size of your tags, Space Utilization, Highest Repeated Keyword Count and (get ready for it), Keyword relevancy to page content.

Lets Do It.
        You're now prepared to submit your site to search engines.

Website URL:
Email Address:
Confirm Before Submitting? Yes.No.
Send Email Confirmation? Yes
Default Engines Additional Engines Regional Engines
acoon (.de only)
altavista (.au only)
altavista-de (.de only)
anzwers (.au .nz only)
euroferret (european only)
fireball (.de only)
intersearch-au (.au only)
voila (.fr only)
webwombat (.au .nz only)

Sites like Snap and Yahoo you will have to submit manually. 
For more information on Yahoo, read the Article Yahoo! Submission Revealed.

What's left?
You haven't got time to sit back, now you have the hard work on building the content on your site. Altavista can list your site in 24 hours, here is an idea of a few others.
1-2 weeks: Infoseek.
2-4 weeks: Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Webcrawler.
6-8 weeks: Yahoo.

DO NOT submit your site any more often than every 6 - 8 weeks if you a changing your content often, as this is considered as spamming and can get your site banned by some search engines.

So don't bet on your traffic doubling overnight, you have only just began...

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