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The IE5 Favorite Icon

by Ian McDonald

This is the icon that appears on IE5 only browsers beside your url in the address bar and beside your site when you add it to your favorites folder.  
Making the icon
  • Make an icon 16x16 pixels
  • It should be in Win32 format - 256 colors (This is achievable with a icon creating program such as icon forge (.zip file, 5,300k) from Cursor Arts. ). However many sites use only a 16 color .ico file which work just as well.
Placing the icon
  • Rename your .ico file to favicon.ico
  • Upload it to the root directory of your site
MSIE 5.0 is set, by default, to look at the root directory for something called "favicon.ico" every time something is bookmarked.

Where you will see it.
1) In the address bar...

2) In your favorites...

This is all you need to do if you have a domain. However, if you do not have a domain, all is not lost. Follow below.

Do all above and then:
In the head tags of any or all pages on your pages add:

<LINK REL="SHORTCUT ICON" HREF="http://your-url/favicon.ico">

change your-url to the location of your icon file

Note: Some webspace providers such as geocities do not support icon files, you should email the webmaster and ask them to support the icon (.ICO) graphic format.

It may not appear on your first visit, but it will, if you bookmark the site (add it to your favorites), you will see it beside the site name.

This is a brief over view on the IE5 Icon
For more in depth information, we suggest visiting www.favicon.com

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