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Shiavi's Table Maker v1.1
Make yourself a custom table with this great online table creator.
Table Properties 
Number of rows  Number of columns
Choose background color for the table 
Choose background image for the table 
Choose the border of the table 
Width of table in pixels or in percent  Height of table in pixels or in percent
Cellpadding Cellspacing 
Horizional alignment of cell's content
Vertical alignment of cell's content 

The following Table Maker enables you, the "not familiar with HTML" user, to create a table.

The Table-Maker's properties are specified in the Table-Maker above.

Note , that aside of these transable properties , it also consists of the option of placing the table any where you please by using its upper left corner as a relativity cursor to the left and top hand of the screen.

After setting your input figures ,dialog boxes will open into which you'd be asked to enter data as to the table's position and data such as IMAGE / LINK / TEXT as to the table's content to fit the number of columns and rows you've previously determined and in a left to right direction.

If you want to brake down to a new line when you add a content to a specific cell in 
a specific row follow this example :

Note the special characters between "first line .. second line.. " .
You should add this character before braking to a new line.

Upon finishing this stage,press the "create table" button and view the result on the newly opened window.

Right click the mouse to "views source" , save the file under whatever.html and breath : "you have just created an html page containing the table".

Disadvantage note : the properties are implemented on the entire table only and could not be related per a single table - cell.

Submitted for use by Shimon Avitan -May 2000. For any comments email Shimon.
There are no rights on this Table-Maker Template due to his moto "LONG LIVE GLOBALIZATION" .

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